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People management

Experience unparalleled growth through precision-driven HR operations transformation. Harness Zoho People and Zoho Payroll's power, bolstered by tailored solutions including automation, custom support, after-sales assistance, and strategic consulting. Elevate your firm's efficiency, streamline workflows, and deliver exceptional financial services, propelling dynamic business growth.

Employee Onboarding
Automates the creation and sending of offer letters to selected candidates.
Facilitates the onboarding process by providing new hires with all necessary information and documents.
Manages attendance, tracks employee work hours, and maintains leave records allowing employees to request and manage leaves.
Employee Hiring
A comprehensive system that streamlines the entire hiring process, from sourcing candidates to final selection.
Allows posting job openings, receiving applications, and managing the candidate database efficiently.
Facilitate candidate screening, shortlisting, and interview scheduling.
Enables collaboration among hiring managers and interviewers, ensuring a smooth hiring pipeline.
Provides analytics and reporting to measure the effectiveness of recruitment efforts
Performance Management
Helps set Key Result Areas (KRAs) and goals for each employee, aligning them with the organization's objectives.
Regularly assesses employee performance through periodic reviews and feedback mechanisms.
Provides data visualisation tools to analyse employee performance trends and identify areas for improvement.
Payroll and Expense Management
Automates payroll processing, ensuring accurate and timely salary calculations.
Offers an employee self-service portal for accessing payroll-related information, such as salary slips and tax details.
Manages employee expense reimbursement, allowing employees to submit expenses and track their reimbursement status.
Ensures compliance with tax and regulatory requirements related to payroll and expenses.
Case study
Streamlining Payroll and HR for KKC Chartered Accountant Firm with Zoho People and Zoho Payroll
Q1.Can Zoho People be integrated with biometric system?
Zoho People can be integrated with biometric system with an open API (Application Programming Interface) that allows developers to create custom integrations with third-party systems.
Q2.Do you help us with setting performance management?
Yes, our experienced team can design a module to streamline and enhance the process of evaluating and managing employee performance within your organization.
Q3.Can we configure leave policy as per company policy?
Yes, you can configure leave policies in Zoho People according to your company's specific policies and requirements. Zoho People provides a flexible Leave Management module that allows you to define and customize various aspects of your organization's leave policies
Q4. Can we configure multiple shifts as per geographic region?
Yes, Zoho People offers the ability to configure and manage multiple shifts based on geographic regions and different time zones
Q5.What is the ideal time of implementation of zoho people?
The "ideal" time depends on your organization's requirements and priorities. It's crucial to plan and execute the implementation thoughtfully to ensure a successful transition to the new system
Q6.Can you calculate TDS in payroll?
Yes, you can calculate TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) in payroll.