Streamline Manufacturing Business Workflow using Zoho Ecosystem
1. Lead Management and Engagement
Integrate and Capture leads from sources like IVR, Google, Social media and Offline within Zoho CRM.
Automate lead distribution among agents to ensure prompt follow-ups.
Utilize Zoho Social to schedule and publish engaging real estate content across social media platforms.
Manage post sales activities like documentation,legal and payments in CRM.
2. Appointment Scheduling
Manage and Schedule property visits using Zoho Bookings.
Sync booking data with Zoho CRM for a holistic view of client interactions.
Send automated reminders and property details to clients before site visits.
3. Personalized Campaigns to Nurture Leads
Create personalized campaigns using Zoho Campaigns to nurture leads.
Segment your leads database based on preferences, locations, and property types.
Track campaign engagement and integrate successful leads into Zoho CRM for further nurturing.
4. Inventory Management
Manage property details, service reports and transaction documents using Zoho Inventory.
Get real time data by implementing automated workflows to manage property lifecycle stages, such as availability, viewing, offer acceptance, and contract signing
5. Billing and Financial Management
Generate proposals for property sales using Zoho Invoice.
Sync invoice data with Zoho Books for comprehensive financial management.
Manage Post Sales Process like payment status, balance payments, set auto reminders using Zoho Invoice and Books.
6. Reporting and Analysis
Generate post sales reports on lead conversion, marketing campaign effectiveness, and sales performance of team.
Analyze trends monitor KPI and make informed decisions to optimize strategies.