Sageone Investment Managers LLP - Streamlining Investment Management with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk
Optimizing Investment Excellence: A Case Study on Sageone Investment Managers LLP's Strategic Advancements through Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk Integration, Redefining Efficiency in Investment Management.
Client Overview:

Established in 2012, SageOne Investment Managers LLP aims to share its expertise in identifying successful businesses with a broader range of investors. To achieve this goal, they offer investment management services through Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and Category III Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) structures.


Sageone Investment Managers LLP, a leading investment management firm offering Portfolio Management Services, faced several challenges in managing their lead, deal, and operations management processes. The organization needed a robust system to maintain accounts and contacts details efficiently. Furthermore, they sought to automate their business processes and enhance customer retention strategies.

  • Sageone Investment Managers LLP embarked on a digital transformation journey with Nuagecx Consulting by implementing Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk to address their challenges comprehensively.
    1. CRM for Lead Generation and Nurturing: Zoho CRM became the cornerstone of Sageone's digital transformation efforts. It enabled them to streamline lead generation and nurturing processes. The CRM facilitated the efficient capture and tracking of leads from various sources, ensuring that no potential opportunities were missed. 2. Effective Sales Management Blueprint: The organization set up a well-defined blueprint for sales management within Zoho CRM. This blueprint guided their sales team through lead qualification, nurturing, and deal closure stages, ensuring consistency and accountability across the sales process. 3. Automated Notifications: Zoho CRM was configured to send notifications to clients once documents were received from them, ensuring transparency and timely updates. Conversely, clie
Results and Benefits:
  • Sageone Investment Managers LLP's adoption of Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk led to significant improvements in their investment management processes and customer relationships. : They achieved: - Enhanced lead management and nurturing, resulting in higher conversion rates. - Improved sales management consistency and accountability. - Streamlined communication with clients through automated notifications. - Efficient task automation for payment follow-ups, special occasions, and redemption management. - Increased client retention through proactive follow-up and engagement. - Seamless integration with WhatsApp and the website for a cohesive customer experience.

Sageone Investment Managers LLP's digital transformation journey with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk not only addressed their initial challenges but also positioned them for continued growth and success in the competitive investment management industry. This case study showcases the tangible benefits of leveraging technology to optimize business operations and enhance customer relationships.