Patchems - Transforming Warehouse Management with Zoho Creator
Patchems' Warehousing Revolution: A Case Study on the Transformational Impact of Zoho Creator in Elevating Warehouse Management Efficiency and Precision.
Client Overview:

Patchems is a 3PL services provider that caters to industries such as consumer healthcare & pharmaceuticals, medical devices, lifesaving products, FMCD, and industrial goods. With years of experience in the field and relevant ISO certifications, Patchems offers solutions that bring effective results and address all the challenges that arise in the industry. They are well-equipped to handle temperature-sensitive products in multiple temperature ranges, follow special handling and security requirements, and ensure regulatory compliance.


Patchems faced several challenges within their warehouse management processes:


  1. Lack of Real-Time Tracking: Absence of a real-time tracking system resulted in suboptimal space utilization and reduced visibility and control over inventory movement.

  1. Inefficient Space Utilization: The inability to track available and consumed spaces hindered efficient space utilization, impacting overall productivity.

  1. Manual Processes: Manual tracking of product movement without adhering to the FIFO principle led to inaccuracies and inefficiencies.

  1. Picking Process: The absence of automated pick-slip generation slowed down picking processes and hindered inbound and outbound product movement tracking.

  1. Stacking Issues: The warehouse lacked stacking capabilities, making it challenging to maximize space usage and capture delivery details.

Reporting and Analytics: The absence of a dashboard and reports deprived the management of crucial metrics and insights for decision-making and reporting.

  • Patchems undertook a comprehensive solution to address these challenges: Warehouse Management Implementation: The implementation of Warehouse Management in Zoho Creator provided real-time tracking, optimizing space utilization, and streamlining inventory movement. Dashboard and Reports Configuration: Customized dashboards and reports were configured within Zoho Creator to provide key metrics and insights, facilitating effective decision-making and reporting. Training: Staff received thorough training on the Zoho Creator application to ensure efficient utilization of the new system. Data Import: Historical data was imported into the system to ensure a seamless transition and accurate record-keeping.
Results and Benefits:
  • : Patchems achieved significant improvements in their warehouse management: Enhanced Efficiency: Real-time tracking and space optimization led to improved warehouse efficiency. Accuracy and Control: FIFO compliance and automated pick-slip generation enhanced inventory control. Maximized Space Usage: Stacking capabilities optimized space usage, improving overall warehouse capacity. Visibility and Insights: Custom dashboards and reports provided key metrics and insights for informed decision-making.

Patchems successfully transformed their warehouse management processes with Zoho Creator, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and control while gaining valuable insights for better decision-making. This implementation represents a significant step forward in their commitment to excellence in 3PL services.