NeevIQ's Zoho Integration Journey: Streamlining Construction Operations
Enhancing Efficiency in Project Management and Invoicing.
Client Overview:

NeevIQ, a prominent services and solution provider in the global construction industry, envisions a transformative convergence of manufacturing, construction, and technology. With a commitment to delivering customized value-added services, NeevIQ offers a comprehensive suite of solutions under a single platform, including Virtual Design and Construction, Industrialized Construction, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Data Analytics, and Insights.


1. Difficulty for Invoicing Against Project Time:

Navigating the intricacies of invoicing against the time spent on construction projects proved to be a challenge for NeevIQ.

2. Resource Availability Issue:

Identifying and optimizing resource utilization posed a significant hurdle in project management.

3. Work Hours Tracking for Category-wise Tasks:

Lack of clarity on work hours allocated to category-wise tasks hindered effective project planning and execution.

4. Visibility of Task Hours:

Limited visibility into task hours created inefficiencies in monitoring and managing project timelines.

  • Zoho Projects: 1. Task Hours Calculation: - Implemented a custom function to automatically calculate work hours required based on the number of sheets and grades for each task. 2. Resource Utilization Report: - Utilized Zoho Projects' resource utilization report to gain insights into resource availability and optimize workforce allocation. 3. Time Log Transparency: - Introduced time logs against tasks to provide clear visibility into the time spent on each project task. 4. Integration with Zoho Books: - Integrated Zoho Books with Zoho Projects to streamline invoicing processes by linking timesheets directly to the invoicing system.
  • Zoho Books: 1. Accounting Streamlining: - Utilized Zoho Books to streamline accounting processes and enhance financial management. 2. Fetching Timesheets for Invoicing: - Automated the retrieval of timesheets from Zoho Projects to Zoho Books, ensuring accurate and timely invoicing based on logged project hours. 3. Reporting Tag Implementation: - Introduced reporting tags in Zoho Books to facilitate the segregation of invoices based on project types, enhancing organizational clarity.
Results and Benefits:
  • : 1. Efficient Invoicing Process: - Streamlined invoicing against project time, resulting in accurate and timely financial transactions. 2. Optimized Resource Utilization: - Improved resource allocation and efficiency through real-time insights into resource availability. 3. Enhanced Project Planning: - Increased transparency in category-wise task hours, enabling better project planning and execution. 4. Improved Visibility: - Enhanced visibility into task hours facilitated effective monitoring and management of project timelines.

In this collaborative journey, Nuagecx played a pivotal role in not only addressing immediate concerns but also in unlocking the full potential of Zoho Projects and Zoho Books for NeevIQ. The benefits realized, including efficient invoicing, optimized resource utilization, enhanced project planning, and improved visibility, stand as a testament to the synergy achieved through Nuagecx's consultation and the powerful capabilities of Zoho's integrated solutions.