Deckup Furniture - Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Customer Support.
Revolutionizing Deckup Furniture: A Case Study in Streamlining Operations and Elevating Customer Support for Unmatched Excellence in Service.
Client Overview:

DeckUp aims to deliver top-notch customer service and high-quality, budget-friendly, DIY home furniture products for online customers. Our flat-pack boxes come equipped with all the necessary hardware, panels, and assembly instructions for easy set-up. This makes deckup products ideal for e-commerce channels, as they can be shipped directly to customers from their warehouses. Currently, they offer their products on and


1. Order Management: Deckup Furniture was grappling with the complexity of managing orders from multiple online platforms, leading to potential delays and errors in order processing.

2. Vendor Coordination: Coordinating with vendors in various regions for product assembly and installation proved to be a logistical challenge, impacting customer satisfaction.

3. Customer Ticket Handling: The process of managing customer tickets and issues received through various communication channels (email, IVR, WhatsApp) required improvement to enhance response times and customer experience.

  • Deckup Furniture approached Nuagecx Consulting to streamline their operations and enhance customer support. Here are the solutions implemented: 1. Custom Order Management Module: To simplify order management, a custom module was designed. They could import data daily, and the system automatically initiated IVR calls for order confirmations. This streamlined the order confirmation process and allowed for efficient tracking from confirmation to delivery. 2. Vendor Assignment Application: To address regional vendor coordination challenges, a custom application was developed. They could request product assembly and installation through a dedicated link. Vendors were automatically assigned based on location, ensuring prompt service. 3. Efficient Ticket Handling System: A comprehensive ticket handling system was established. They created tickets through various channels, including email, IVR, and WhatsApp. This centralized system improved response times and issue resolution.

Deckup Furniture's journey to enhance operational efficiency and customer support through Zoho's ecosystem serves as an exemplary case of using technology to overcome complex challenges in the e-commerce industry. Their commitment to delivering quality and affordable DIY furniture products, coupled with best-in-class customer support, positions them as a leader in the industry.